DHL's Massive Investment: 9 Mammoth Freighters' Cargo-Converted 777s Ordered for Intercontinental Operations

DHL, one of the world's leading logistics companies, has ordered nine cargo-converted Boeing 777 aircraft from Mammoth Freighters, a cargo conversion specialist based in the United States. This announcement is significant for the air freight industry as it highlights the growing demand for air cargo transportation as the global economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 777s will be converted into freighters capable of carrying up to 102 tonnes of cargo and will be added to DHL's existing fleet of over 250 aircraft. The first two aircraft are expected to be delivered in 2023, with the remaining seven expected to be delivered over the following two years.

DHL's CEO, John Pearson, said, "We are very excited to add these converted 777s to our fleet. They will enable us to enhance our intercontinental network further and provide our customers with even greater capacity and flexibility."

Mammoth Freighters, specialising in converting passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft, is a relatively new player in the industry, founded in 2018. However, the company has already gained a reputation for producing high-quality cargo conversions at a lower cost than its competitors.

The 777 is a popular choice for cargo conversions due to its large size and long range, which makes it well-suited for intercontinental air freight operations. In addition, the 777's efficiency and reliability make it a cost-effective option for cargo operators.

The air cargo industry has seen a significant increase in demand over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to disruptions in global supply chains and a surge in e-commerce. As a result, air cargo operators have been scrambling to add capacity to meet the increased demand.

DHL, one of the largest air cargo operators in the world, has been expanding its fleet to meet the growing demand for air cargo transportation. In addition to the nine 777s ordered from Mammoth Freighters, DHL has also placed orders for Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A330 freighters.

Adding the nine 777s to DHL's fleet is expected to significantly increase the company's intercontinental capacity and help it meet the growing demand for air cargo transportation. As the global economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for air cargo transportation will likely remain strong, making DHL's investment in these aircraft wise.